New Fender American Performer Series - Demo

Here is the first collaboration for a Fender Product, made for Cutaway Guitar Magazine. Together with Jose Manuel, the director of the magazine, we produced in my new studio a demo and a review of the new Telecaster from the new serie American Performer , launched by Fender the 4th of December 2018.

The first impressions are good. It's a typical Telecaster but with a couple of new tweaks, such as the new Yosemite pick-up, the vintage looking tuners, plus brand new colors that looks awesome. Also nice the Greasebucket  tone control, that manage the high frequencies without affecting the low ones. But this was already mounted on the last models.
For sure an affordable and versatile instrument for all needs.

We tried the guitar with different sounds and styles. We tried the two pick-up separately plus we add a fuzz on the third track, to show different sound possibilities of the instrument.

If you want to see the Demo follow this Youtube link:

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